For Coaches Only…

There are 2 types of coaching packages:

Offer 1: 

Is for the coach actively building a coaching business.

Their business is setup, they feel so much love and ownership over what they’ve create, they’re making money…

But they want it to be simpler. 

They want help making their goals simpler, their strategy simpler and building patterns of thinking that help them move faster.

They don’t want general coaching on money, they’ve done that…they want to get to the root of the very specific things happening in real time in their business.

    • Overspending
    • Feeling in control of goals
    • Money still feeling connected to worthiness
    • Creating certainty for their business and personal money
    • All the other juicy stuff…  

They used to focus so hard on creating money and getting their business to a certain point and now while money is still the focus…they have space to focus on making it simple.

Not for the immediate goals even but for the business they want to run in the years to come. 

If this if for you…jump past Offer 2 for the specifics of this offer and to book a call.


Offer 2: 

We setup your business so you are client ready and only focus on 3 things to build your business.

     Build An Offer (people actually want to buy) including who you help, what you deliver, double checking it with market research, choosing a call type, choosing a length based on the result you sell and pricing in a way that feels easiest for you right now to start with.

     Develop A Process to deliver on the promise you sell that’s actionable, so your clients know they’re making progress. Instead of ignoring the normal places people struggle, you’ll plan for them so as you market you can communicate to your person what to expect and how you’re helping them move through it more quickly and with less pain.

     Create Your Automated Funnel to sell your offer. Developing a freebie that creates desire for your paid offer, writing emails that speak to your person and invites them to book a call and pulling the tech of it together so it’s done once and for all. You’ll write it and I’ll review it showing you tangible ways to adjust how you talk about what you sell to your people.

     Coach & Develop Your Mind for your future goals. While you’re testing your funnel and settling into the new norm of how you run your business we’ll be coaching what comes up and teaching you how to think in ways that allow you to enjoy your business.

There are two ways to do this…the fast way and the normal speed way.


The Fast Way looks like:

  • Homework between calls, including before the first call
  • 2 calls a week for the first 2 weeks, paired with the homework
  • Making decisions quickly and having work time to create them
  • Watching and directing your mind (so your lowest beliefs don’t keep you stuck)

By the end of week 2 you’ll have an offer built that you’re in love with, a process you feel confident in and a sales funnel built and ready to start promoting to gather data.

We use the remaining calls to coach and develop your mind as you run your business.


The Normal Speed Way looks like:

We follow the same process, but we meet weekly and you have more time to execute. By the end of week 4, you’ll have an offer built that you’re in love with, a process you feel confident in and a sales funnel built and ready to start promoting to gather data.


The Specifics…

📌 12 Video Calls 

📌 A private slack channel for support between calls.

📌 Price: $10k (in full or 2 payments of $5k)

Click here to book a call where we’ll both make sure working together is a good fit.



Following this process you’ll…

  • Have your offer, process and funnel setup and ready to test in 14 days

  • Sell what your person wants to buy, in a way that grabs their attention

  • Enjoy marketing because you know how thorough and effective your process and support is

  • Know what to create content around and get almost immediate feedback on if it’s effective

  • Do 3 things every week: marketing to fill your funnel, adjust your funnel as data dictates & coach (yourself & clients)

  • Create consults in 2 ways, one of which is a numbers game

  • Stop overworking and spreading yourself thin and use your data to direct your efforts

  • Lean your results on the foundation of your business instead of 100% on your mindset

  • Position yourself as the unique business you are so you stand out to those who prefer your flavor