What Are We Optimizing?


Do you want to feel in control of yourself and creating money?


You’ve been making money. You clearly know how to make money. But that doesn’t mean you KNOW how you make money.

You do a bunch of stuff that you know works but it doesn’t always create the same results. 

People send you referrals because you’re awesome but it creates this weird sense of powerlessness because those clients didn’t seem to come from the stuff you were doing. 

You have your highest months ever…which you’re excited about for a few minutes and then your mind starts whispering that it was a fluke that you’ll probably never be able to replicate. 

I help you see how you create money beyond just the action of what you do…so you have multiple layers of evaluating and repeating to consistently hit your goals.


Do you want to feel calmer, more confident and less stressed?


Don’t brush “feeling better” aside. Your intense negative emotion is the quickest way to reveal the most subtle but power points of change for your business.

What are you avoiding? We’ll either decide not to do it all or get you back into action.

Where are you uncertain, confused or resistant? We’ll get you making decisions and creating clarity.

In what ways are you hiding and keeping yourself small? We’ll soothe your subconscious and create safety being big

Some changes will happen almost instantly as your conscious mind realizes realizes it already has access to exactly what it wants. 


Are you ready to reinvent yourself?


Reinventing yourself is about getting intentional with who you are and lining it up with where you’re going. 

You aren’t your business, how hard you work or how much money you make…you’re you. A human that’s choosing to use their life to build a business.  

Your sense of YOU determines….

  1. How safe you feel taking chances (and failing)
  2. How you talk to yourself and feel (strict coach, loving guide, objective observer)
  3. How much you enjoy the process of growth (stressed or relaxed/fun) 

We do this when things are good, like you’ve set a new goal and you want help accessing  future-you so she can guide you from belief.

We also do this when things aren’t great. Like when you burnout and are questioning everything you’ve built and mostly just feel bad all the time. Your burnout is teaching you something and you want that lesson moving forward so you can pluck out what isn’t working and keep what is.


Do you want to believe NEW things?


Retrain your mind around money, marketing, selling, how you run your business and what you believe is possible for your next stage of growth.

Belief is a singular focus that assumes success. It takes into consideration where you’ll struggle and realistically plans for that as part of the process. 

The action of belief knows you might fail on the first try and chooses not to resist or hyper focus on that possibility. Where you look, is where you go. We’re taught this in driving and it applies to where you’re taking your business as well.  

Creating money is my favorite area of believing new things. 

We filter down to the simplest money-making ways of pointing your mind and identify where to stop pointing your mind. 

You’ll feel amazing, access new solutions to old problems and blow your mind as you create double the money you’ve been making, by only changing how you’re thinking. 


What To Expect Coaching Together…

I do 3-month packages (12 calls). We meet weekly and coach for 50 minutes. 

There are 2-components of coaching with me and getting amazing results. 

  1. Coming to the calls (and using slack between calls)
  2. Coaching your own mind daily-ish 

The first is obvious and totally normal when you invest in coaching.

The second is optional but highly recommended for best results. Give it 10 minutes or 30 and you’ll see the change. 

I’ll teach you how to coach yourself and build prompts specifically for the results and change we’re working on together. 

This self-coaching practice will change your experience of yourself and how you use your mind to create.

Price: $5,000 (or $1,167 a month)

The Next Step…


We make sure this is a good fit for both of us.

How better to make sure we’ll love coaching together than to coach together!

We do this on a free 90-minute call.

What Clients Are Saying…

Elizabeth taught me how to coach myself.

Most other coaches did not give me a clear “here’s how to work your brain every day” tool. I’ll be keeping the worksheets forever, they were life changing.

She taught me how to feel my thoughts so they produce ACTION, rather than just say affirmations that don’t change my results.

Amber Grubenmann

 I doubled my business AGAIN! Elizabeth’s coaching is the gift that keeps on giving.

I remember when I first signed up for the Double Your Business Mastermind, all I wanted was consistency. What I got was so much more helpful than just that. The mental framework I have now is the scaffolding of my 7-figure business.

Jenna Harrison

Her coaching works. 

I am making money 4x as fast relative to a few years ago – and I’m no longer doing it at my own expense and feeling miserable all the time. 

Elizabeth’s calm coaching style, emphasis on self-acceptance, and unwavering belief in all of her clients has made failing way easier – which also translates into more income, faster.

Kristin Lindell

In May 2020, I made $37K in the previous 12 months. In just 6 months of focusing on signing 1 client at a time I created $59K — in 6 months. I went on to make $110k (my first 6 figure year!) in 12 months by the end of 2020.

When I joined for a second 6-month round, my goal was to double my income and I generated over $97k in half the time it took me to the previous year.

I know you want to make money with your business. We all do. But if the thought of making a certain dollar amount every 30 days leaves a pit in your stomach, you’ll want to work with Elizabeth.

Learning to focus on growing my business one client at a time was the best skill I developed as a coach. By shifting my focus away from making money and focusing 100% on doing what I love — helping people, I was thrilled to discover how much money I actually made.

This is how you have fun building your business.

Jennifer Dent Brown