I support the YOU part of your business.


The programs and courses you’ve bought give you the strategy and structure you love as you grow your coaching business.

But they don’t take care of YOU. 

You want someone just for you. 


  • That sees you as your highest self, a valuable asset to your clients and capable of hitting your goals.
  • That listens to you, doesn’t judge the weirdness that comes out of your mouth and helps you feel the shift of processing your mind.
  • That asks questions that helps you; access your answers, relax into being more of yourself, and release expectations that block your creativity.
  • That knows business and can help you navigate your mind around your offer, speaking to your best client, delivering on your offer, marketing, selling, money and goals.

What You Can Expect:

  • We soothe and process emotions when you get triggered.
  • We unravel your unhelpful habit loops and rebuild them to match your goals.
  • We keep you focused on who you’re helping, what they want and how your offer changes their life. 
  • We uncover what’s keeping you busy and your #s the same so you can create more money, without working more. 
  • We gently process your doubts and insecurities so you feel empowered and free to chase your dreams. 
  • We create and access your most powerful emotions. (empowered, certain, curious, etc)
  • We approach goals like a game so you can experience playful delight, winning and bubbly curiosity trying things you aren’t sure will work 

Common Areas I Coach My Clients:

  • Creating more money, without working more
  • Avoiding their yearly goal (uncovering what they’re really avoiding)
  • Seeing what you want from goals so their dynamic (beyond money) 
  • All or Nothing thinking habits 
  • Identity Building
  • Reducing emotions experienced in business (overwhelm, confusion, doubt, insecurity, disconnected, etc)
  • Building a preferred emotional experience of your business (empowered, certain, activated, calm, curious, etc) 
  • Identifying how you create money in your business (this helps them reduce or eliminate the extra)
  • Making decisions 
  • Problem solving (as thoughts first and then as situations to adjust) 
  • Creating a connection with yourself (past self, current self & future self) 
  • Accessing your future self to encourage you, motivate you and offer insight 
  • Accepting what is (instead of resisting or avoiding)
  • Feeling empowered, even in uncertainty and with pieces you can’t control
  • Leading with belief (instead of only using your ability to work hard)
  • Identifying areas you’re staying busy because you get a hit from it (so we can create what you need more efficiently) 
  • Separating yourself from your business 
  • Launching, creating a funnel, tracking data, running ads, doing business your way    

The Details:


The investment for 1:1 coaching is $10,000 (or $1,167 a month) for 6 months.

You receive three, 50 minute calls (zoom or phone) per month, and a private Slack channel with me for all the support you need between calls. 

The next step is to click the link below to book a call.


Ideally before this call you’ve read my emails, listened to my podcast or joined in on a free training.

You already connect with my style, can see yourself meeting with me every week and are craving exactly what I talk about above for your mind and coaching business.

On the consult, we’ll talk about your vision for your business, where you’re already killing it, the changes you want to see and how you want my support to look.

Support looks different for each person that hires me.

Some coaches want to leave the consult clear on what we’ll work together on

Others love the spontaneity of bringing exactly what they need help with in that moment to the call knowing that when they leave they’ll see things differently, feel calm, energized and empowered and ready to create their dreams.