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📍 Do you want mindset AND strategic support? ✔️

📍 Is business growth and structure your priority? ✔️

📍 Do you value having the goal AND enjoying the process of getting there? ✔️

📍 Have you listened to my podcast or heard me coach so you get a feel for my style? ✔️


If you answered YES to these questions…


Read through the 3 coaching packages below.

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You have goals, dreams and areas of your business that you’re nailing it.

You also want more. 

And know that you have patterns and skills that need to develop in order to create that “more”.

I can help.

On the consult we’ll make sure you and I are a good fit and go through exactly what you want help with.



Here are 3 ways we can structure our 4 months together:

Package 1 - General Business Coaching

General Business Coaching

You bringing what you need help with each week as we tickle your mind exploring what’s happening and how to up level your mind for where you’re going.

  • Those who enjoy this option have seen first hand how one shift can make everything else simpler.
  • They feel great about their business structure for the most part.
  • They are running their business and want someone to help them manage their mind, experience and skill at creating more. 
Option 2 - Project or Goal Specific Coaching

Project or Goal Specific Coaching

Are you building and launching a new offer, honing your skill at webinars or finishing filling all your 1:1 spots?

You bring the project or goal and we develop a strategy and coach your mind as you do it.

For some the hardest part of adding a second offer is everything involved in bring it to life; making decisions, feeling uncomfortable while you do them, creating a vision for the offer, deciding how you’ll position the offer and staying on track with your timeline. You’ll encounter yourself while you do it and coaching is there to support you as you stay on track.

Or maybe you know you want to be running a webinar for both your current business and the future business you imagine but you keep getting stuck in all the pieces or maybe you’re doing webinars but they aren’t creating the results you want yet and you want help honing in each piece of them so they become a conversion tool not just a way to keep yourself busy. Coaching can help you see your webinar in 3 distinct segments, help you identify where you’re nailing it and where you want to tweak it and how to run it feeling stressful.

You decide what you’ll create in 17 weeks, we’ll make a plan together, keep you on track and keep it fun.

Option 3 - Guided Business Coaching

Guided Business Coaching

There are core parts of every business whether it’s brand new or ready to up level.

With this option we go through each area of your business week-by-week to clean it up and develop it for where you’re taking your business. 

Areas like…

  • creating your business vision (that directs what you’re doing each day)
  • building or reviewing your offer from your ideal clients perspective
  • establishing your marketing strategy
  • creating a selling plan
  • money mindset (so charging and receiving money doesn’t feel icky) 
  • processing and using feelings
  • seeing the data through the mind-made drama

📌 Weekly calls via zoom or phone. (17 over 4 months)

📌 A private slack channel for support between calls.

📌 Lifetime access to my content base, An Unconventional Business School, so that anything that you need to learn can happen between calls and then we coach. 

📌 Price? $10k – either in full or payments.

On the consult, we’ll figure out exactly what you want to create in these 4 months. 


I’ve been coached on money a lot but never like Elizabeth coached me. She heard me and then took it in the exact direction I didn’t even know I needed. 

I’ve been scared about not hitting my income goal for the year. 

When my coaching business wasn’t making money it felt amazing just to MAKE money but now that I’ve made $200k I want to do it again. 

Elizabeth helped me explore what I’ll experience if I don’t hit my goal and it turns out…it’s not nearly as bad as I was letting it be.

I feel such peace with the situation and see my next layer of work on building a relationship with money.

I’m on track to hit my goal but that hasn’t stopped my mind from freaking out. Which is why I love coaching!

Jenn (life coach)