The 6-Month Steady


Train Your Mind To Create Money

A Vision That Pulls You To It

Let’s make money AND enjoy the process.

The 6-Month Steady takes the process taught in the 6-Week Sprint and gives you space to use it in 6-monthly cycles.

We start by building a vision for your business that PULLS you to it.

The detail of this vision tell you…

  • how much money you want to pay yourself
  • the types of offers you want to have, sell and deliver
  • how you want to connect with new people
  • how you want to sell
  • the life you want WITH this business  (time, feelings, etc)

This process will bring up the stuff that stops you from having the business you imagine. 

The brain will avoid choosing how much you want to pay yourself, will overcomplicate what you want to sell and bring to the surface deep rooted fears that you can’t really have it in a way that feels fun, easy and steady. 

This is why we do the work together.

Alone your brain will distract you, keep you busy with something else or justify why you don’t even really want (what you want).

You’ll step back into the familiarity of how you’ve always done it. You’ll want more, but dull it with the emotional stress of the moment instead. (busyness, stress, distraction, gratefulness) 

In this space, we want what we have AND we practice wanting and creating a future we don’t yet have.

It is a balance of discomfort when the urgency, hopelessness and discontent overshadow the actual enjoyment of the life and business you have now. It’s the normal human experience of change though…and it’s the price of laying the foundation of the business you want. 

Once you know your own vision, you’ll use the 6-months to lay the foundation of it.

You train your mind to HAVE the vision-business…right now. Even as you build it.

I help you use your mind to create mental structure, move through triggers more quickly and practice allowing your vision to pull you to it (instead of working from pressure, hustle and doing more).

The Details

  • 6-Months of business mindset coaching support
  • Starts: 2nd week of January through June (25 weeks)
  • Weekly Call via Zoom 
  • No more than 20 people per group
  • Slack support between calls 

There are TWO separate groups that will form, based on your experience creating money.

Experienced chefs still burn things but they do it for different reasons than the new chef that’s building experience. 

The same applies to create money and the environment you get coached in as you do.





Choose Your Level 


Steady You

You’ve created LESS than $50k with your business.

I help you focus you mind in a way that creates money…

Which translates to your offer, how you talk about it, how you sell it and how you see yourself in your business.

We start by developing a vision for the business you want to run.

We use that vision to steady your mind, sharpen your focus and tap into your creativity.


Call Time: Tuesday’s at 1pm ET (New York Time)

Price: $5,000 (in full or payments)



Steady Pro

You’ve created MORE than $50k with your business.

You’re refining the pieces, the experience and effectiveness.  

Your business will feel simple, you’ll feel in control of creating money and you’ll feel connected to the business you’re creating.


Call Time: Wednesday’s at 1pm ET (NY Time)


Also Includes…

** 2-Day In Person Beach Retreat, Feb. 10th & 11th

** Monthly Collaboration Call (getting into the gritty of what you’re doing & how it’s actually working)


Price: $10,000 (in full or payments)


3 Reasons You Want to JOIN EARLY…


** 1) 6-Week Sprint, October Start (INCLUDED)

Practice the process of hitting goals (October – Mid-November)


** 2) TWO private, 1:1 Coaching Sessions (30 minutes) 

(to use before January start)



** 3) Adjusted payment schedule.

Pay over 10 months. ($10,000 = $1,000 a month & $5,000 = $500 a month)



I Want In…what next?


Do you want to pay in full?

Steady You — Click Here to pay $5,000

Steady Pro — Click Here to pay $10,000


Do you want a payment link? 

📍Steady You ($5k, 10 months $500/month)

📍Steady Pro ($10k, 10 month $1,000/month)


Do you want to jump on a 30-minute call?

Click here to schedule that.


You Might Be Wondering…

I've bought SO MUCH already, how is this different?

I help you USE what you’ve bought. Either as they presented it or taking what you like from it and letting the rest go.

My work supports the YOU part of your business.

Helping you accessing what you want your business to look like, how you want to feel running it and keeping it simple.

How is this different from the 6-Week Sprint?

The 6-Week Sprint teaches a process and then you practice that process with a money goal. 

In the 6-Month Steady, we infusion that process into your entire business.

We start by building a specific vision for your business so you aren’t just working to work…but can see the progress, have a focus point and begin enjoying your business now.

Can I join next month instead?

Yes. General enrollment opens in October.

Joining now just gives you access to the 5-bonuses. If you join in October, we can do the monthly payment by 9 instead of 10, no big deal.

What's really different about these income levels?

A business that has made $50k+ knows how to create money. If they wanted to…they could.

A business under $50k though WANTS to…but it still feels like a struggle.

Even though they bring the SAME types of stuff to get help with, the approach to help them is different…

  • They can both bring to a call NOT feeling in control of creating money/clients…but the approach to help them is different.
  • They can both bring side-effects of being too broad in who they’re speaking to…but the approach to help them is different.
  • They can both bring side-effects of not feeling connected to their offer…but the approach to help them is different.
Why are these groups priced differently?

Because they’re for different people…and I want to.

The first $50k is when your belief in your ability to build your business is the most tender.

I don’t want those coaches thinking they should be able to figure it out and accidentally make it way harder than it needs to be.

Each group gains value from being with others like them.

Does Elizabeth coach all of these calls?

Yes. When you join, you’re working with Elizabeth. 

I hired Elizabeth to help me make more money.

Using her tools every single day, I have become such a mature and emotionally even-keeled version of myself. I can navigate any ‘crisis’ with calm, set any goal with certainty, and pull myself out of any drama spiral.

My mind is so different from a year ago, I hardly recognize myself.

I learned how to create 5-figures months, then multiple 5-figure months…again and again.

Nobody teaches brain reprogramming the way Elizabeth does. She is a genius, and every entrepreneur needs her in their toolbox.

I doubled by business, focusing on what I love.

How do double your income in 6 months?

Step 1. Learn from Elizabeth
Step 2. Do the daily work
Step 3. Have fun along the way and focus on your clients and not the money.

When I joined Elizabeth’s mastermind in May 2020, I made $37K in the previous 12 months. In just 6 months of focusing on signing 1 client at a time I created $59K — in 6 months. I went on to make $110k (my first 6 figure year!) in 12 months by the end of 2020.

When I joined for a second 6-month round, my goal was to double my income and I generated over $97k in half the time it took me to the previous year.

I know you want to make money with your business. We all do. But if the thought of making a certain dollar amount every 30 days leaves a pit in your stomach, you’ll want to sign up for Elizabeth’s mastermind.

Learning to focus on growing my business one client at a time was the best skill I developed as a coach. By shifting my focus away from making money and focusing 100% on doing what I love — helping people, I was thrilled to discover how much money I actually made.

This is how you have fun building your business.


Elizabeth taught me how to coach myself.


You have been the only coach who has taught me how to coach myself.

Most other coaches did not give me a clear “here’s how to work your brain every day” tool other than writing down models. All of the worksheets you gave us which I’ll keep forever were life changing.

You taught me how to feel my thoughts so they produce ACTION, rather than just say affirmations that don’t change my results.

–Amber Grubenmann

Relationship Coach


I doubled again!

Just wanted to share an update. I doubled my business AGAIN in 2023!

Elizabeth’s coaching is the gift that keeps on giving.

I remember when I first signed up for the mastermind, all I wanted was consistency.

What I got was so much more helpful than just that. The mental framework I have now is the scaffolding of my 7-figure business.

–Jenna Harrison

Business Coach

“I wanted to grow my business and my brain.”

When I launched my coaching practice I knew I wanted support for growing my business and my brain. I decided to work with Elizabeth because she emphasized mindset as the key to building a consistent business.

The first time I participated in her mastermind I made $100k in six months. The second round, I made $100k in 3 months.

Meeting with her and the members of the mastermind each week was so helpful to catch the sneaky thoughts that I didn’t even realize were tripping me up. Even when I wasn’t getting coached, I was learning from others coaching and questions. 

If you are looking for support to stretch and support your brain while you build your business, you need to hire Elizabeth.

The daily practices and tools 100% changed my life and helped to build my practice into a multi-6 figure business in less than 1 year.

-Jill Griffin
Career Coach

“Hiring Elizabeth was one of the best decision I made for my business.”

When we started working together, I felt disempowered around creating money and signing clients.

I would look at other coaches making 5 figures a month and think they had sometime I didn’t. I was in hustle mode doing anything and everything I could to get clients, and confused why it wasn’t happening for me.

Our last month working together, I brought in $27,950 in cash, well exceeding my stretch goal.

I hired Elizabeth because I wanted to learn how to use my mind to create clients and money, and today I am thatperson.

I hired Elizabeth because I wanted help reaching goals.

I was hustling and I was doing it all. I was full of passion and love for the women I work with. But I was also worried. I knew it should be easier. I knew I was missing something.

In the last 4 months, I’ve had my highest month ever. I’ve created $35k in cash with $20k more scheduled out in payments. 

Working on my mind, WAS the solution. I’ve come to understand that my own thoughts are what was keeping me where I was.

I kept thinking it was hard to get the “right people” as clients. Turns out with Elizabeths help I have gained more of my ideal clients. AND I have added all of these clients without paid ads. My people were already on my list, but I needed to speak to them in the right way.

Elizabeth helped me believe in myself in a way I didn’t realize I was lacking. I can do this without ads, without a copywriter, without any outside strategy help. Once I shifted into the belief I could do all of this better than an outside EXPERT, my business took off.

I can relax now.
I don’t have to work every day of the week.
I know everything I need to to exceed my goals.

This was the missing piece. Thanks, Elizabeth.