The 6-Week Sprint

Train Your Mind To Create Money

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You can set a goal AND hit it. 


  • Even if you’ve never done it before (or just that once) 
  • Even if making money feels out of your control
  • Even if you don’t have all the pieces “perfect” yet 

And especially if you…

  • Want to make more money but have been getting distracted with other work
  • Feel stagnant and want momentum
  • Are maxed out on time…and want to leverage your mind to make more money 

You can set a goal and hit it. 

The first step…is to believe it’s possible.

The process taught in the 6 Week Sprint is a new way to achieve your goals and grow your business consistently…strategically using your mind. 

Visualizing your goal as done, feeling it in your body now, seeing yourself as the person that does it…is made simple and systematic with this process. 

Taking action from this space feels light, focused and potent. 

That mental focus and action is constrained and measured by your goal. So your belief is always anchored into outcomes and results. 

Your mind is a tool, this process shows you how to use it to make money with your business.


During The 6-Weeks…


We spend 1 week preparing for the goal, 4 weeks creating it and 1 week creating closure around the goal. 

There are 4 parts of this process. Each plays a specific part in training your mind towards your money goal. 

Goal Process – You still choose a goal, make a plan and get started…this process adds to it anticipating your mind and using it on purpose to create that goal

Daily Work – You’ll spend so much time as your future self…you’ll become her, thinking the thoughts she thinks, problem solving how she does and feeling how she feels. 

Rewire – Train your mind to think in 4 core areas so you speak only to your best clients, overflow with ways to talk about your offer and believe in yourself.  

Evaluation – Know what to change and how you get results you want…so creating money doesn’t feel like a fluke or out of your control. 

This process teaches you how to train your brain to match your goals.

If your mind stays the same so does your business. 

The version of you that hits your goals

  • Feels focused and intentional
  • Feels connected to who you help and how your offer helps them transform
  • Focuses on the simplest path (which often leads to working less)
  • Choses to believe…even though you’ve never done it before, aren’t sure how you’ll do it and most of the goal cycle you don’t have it yet. 

You know what to do in your business. 

Now let’s optimize your mind so everything you do works better, faster and is more fun to do.


What you get when you join:


A Proven


A proven process for training your mind to create money.


Business Mindset


Weekly group coaching, via zoom to get you unstuck and moving forward.



Learn from the questions others ask between calls. Their ah-ha’s are your breakthroughs.

The Details…


Weekly Call: Thursday’s at 12pm EDT, 60-90 min via zoom

6 Calls: Aug. 1st, Aug. 8th, Aug. 15th, Aug. 22nd, Aug. 29th, Sept. 5th


Lifetime Access: To replays and assets


Next LIVE Start: Week of July 29th, 2024


Investment: $500


    What To Expect…


Some hit their money goal on the first try…others don’t.

If you don’t hit the goal in the 6 weeks, repeat the process until you do. 

The process works.

Ilsa did 2 sprints…in the first she came close to her goal and the second she exceeded her goal.

Miri did 1 sprint…she didn’t hit her goal, she kept using the process though and on her 3rd goal cycle, she hit her goal. 

Rachel did 1 sprint…she didn’t hit her goal. She immediately set another goal and HIT it. 

The process works. 

It’s yours forever to keep using and raising the bar on the types of goals you set and hit. 

And when you want to add in a dash of live support and coaching…you join the 6 Week Sprint again and together we take your business to the next level in a quick sprint.  

This process works quickest for those that already have routines in place, have experience selling their offer and a decent amount of belief in themselves, their offer and who they help.

You Might Be Wondering…

Can I set a client goal instead of a money goal?

Of course. It’s your choice.

I personally prefer a money goal because it’s separate from humans but also connected to them. A money goal helps me focus on the end result I want without attaching to how it happens or who it comes from.

I’ve seen people with a client goal get weird about consults and hyper focus on how people pay them. Towards the end of the goal they find it hard to believe their goal is possible because they’re so focused on consults being what they need to create clients.

They develop a belief that consults create money instead of believing their mind is how they create content, consults and clients.

Which then has them problem solving for consults instead of for their mind to open up their best ideas.

I will support you and help you work through which ever angle you choose. 


How long will I have access to this content?

You get to keep it forever.

This includes the course content, call replays and the answers to the written coaching from that 6 week timeframe. 

What type of people will be in the group?

Coaches, building coaching businesses.

Life, health, spiritual, relationship, business…all the coaching types.

Coaches that want to optimize their minds and mental focus.

Does it matter what type of offer I sell?

It does NOT matter.

You can sell 1:1, group, membership, digital courses, program etc. and this mental process will work for all of it.

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes. If you’re unable to make it to a call, you can watch the replay. 

What Coaches Are Saying

About The 6-Week Sprint…

“I had my biggest revenue month yet.”

While working summer hours, with kids at home AND while buying a house.

I absolutely loved this 6 week sprint and found it SO helpful.

The structure it’s given me makes me feel so much more confident and excited to reach my goals.

I found it incredibly helpful to watch Elizabeth coach others (as a coach) – her ability to zero in on the specifics and the data is something I don’t often see in this industry and it was refreshing and impactful.

I 100% would recommend this 6 week sprint to ANYONE looking to up their coaching business and can’t speak highly enough about it.

–Justine Cochrane (Life Coach)


“FINALLY! A structured process for using thoughts & feelings.”

I’ve known about this concept of using thoughts and feelings to hit a goal instead of only focusing on actions.

Elizabeth’s 6-Week Sprint is the first time I’ve seen a structured process around it though.

She asked what’s changed doing this process…oh IDK, fucking everything?!! And I didn’t even hit my goal. 

  • I’m directing my mind intentionally around my business everyday
  • I know my client create process now and the simple ways I run my business (I was making this WAY too complicated) 
  • I’m showing up more consistently (and it feels good!) 

Elizabeth didn’t let me blend into the background. The small group size meant she saw me, called on me and helped me get help I didn’t even know I needed.


–Arthur Patton-Hock (Career Coach)

“Goals don’t feel scary now.”

I joined the 6-Week Sprint to change my relationship with goals and practice creating goals with my mind.

My goal was to create 2 clients and know HOW I did it so it feels in my control and repeatable.

I created…

  • 1 client
  • Realized I already know the “how” of clients and feel more grounded as a business owner
  • Simplicity and ease doing the goal
  • Finally feeling “done-energy” and using it as I create my goal
  • A kinder relationship with myself and the part of me always suggesting I do more

–Rebecca Olson (Life Coach for Working Moms)


“I’m in charge. I get to decide how I do it.”

Before I did the 6-Week Sprint I was thinking “if it doesn’t hurt”, I’m not doing it right.

Elizabeth doesn’t follow that line of belief though.

I am in charge of my business; I don’t have to do videos, I get to decide what “fully booked” means for me and how I think about the business I chose to have.

It already feels so much better.


–Rachel Baum (Life Coach)

“I went from AFRAID of goals…to excited about them”

I was always afraid of goals. I just showed up and then looked at how it played out. 

  • Now I’m excited about goals and the focus they give me as I bring my vision to life.
  • I learned how to feel like I’m winning from progress, instead of it only “counting” if it’s complete
  • I brought in thousands of dollars and made so much progress on a new offer I’m building

–Laura Harris

(Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Nutrition Coach)

I hired Elizabeth to help me make more money.

Using her tools every single day, I have become such a mature and emotionally even-keeled version of myself. I can navigate any ‘crisis’ with calm, set any goal with certainty, and pull myself out of any drama spiral.

My mind is so different from a year ago, I hardly recognize myself.

I learned how to create 5-figures months, then multiple 5-figure months…again and again.

Nobody teaches brain reprogramming the way Elizabeth does. She is a genius, and every entrepreneur needs her in their toolbox.

I doubled by business, focusing on what I love.

How do double your income in 6 months?

Step 1. Learn from Elizabeth
Step 2. Do the daily work
Step 3. Have fun along the way and focus on your clients and not the money.

When I joined Elizabeth’s mastermind in May 2020, I made $37K in the previous 12 months. In just 6 months of focusing on signing 1 client at a time I created $59K — in 6 months. I went on to make $110k (my first 6 figure year!) in 12 months by the end of 2020.

When I joined for a second 6-month round, my goal was to double my income and I generated over $97k in half the time it took me to the previous year.

I know you want to make money with your business. We all do. But if the thought of making a certain dollar amount every 30 days leaves a pit in your stomach, you’ll want to sign up for Elizabeth’s mastermind.

Learning to focus on growing my business one client at a time was the best skill I developed as a coach. By shifting my focus away from making money and focusing 100% on doing what I love — helping people, I was thrilled to discover how much money I actually made.

This is how you have fun building your business.

–Jennifer Dent Brown (Weightloss Coach)


Elizabeth taught me how to coach myself.


You have been the only coach who has taught me how to coach myself.

Most other coaches did not give me a clear “here’s how to work your brain every day” tool other than writing down models. All of the worksheets you gave us which I’ll keep forever were life changing.

You taught me how to feel my thoughts so they produce ACTION, rather than just say affirmations that don’t change my results.

–Amber Grubenmann (Relationship Coach)

I doubled again!

Just wanted to share an update. I doubled my business AGAIN in 2023!

Elizabeth’s coaching is the gift that keeps on giving.

I remember when I first signed up for the mastermind, all I wanted was consistency.

What I got was so much more helpful than just that. The mental framework I have now is the scaffolding of my 7-figure business.

–Jenna Harrison (Business Coach)

“I wanted to grow my business and my brain.”

When I launched my coaching practice I knew I wanted support for growing my business and my brain. I decided to work with Elizabeth because she emphasized mindset as the key to building a consistent business.

The first time I participated in her mastermind I made $100k in six months. The second round, I made $100k in 3 months.

Meeting with her and the members of the mastermind each week was so helpful to catch the sneaky thoughts that I didn’t even realize were tripping me up. Even when I wasn’t getting coached, I was learning from others coaching and questions. 

If you are looking for support to stretch and support your brain while you build your business, you need to hire Elizabeth.

The daily practices and tools 100% changed my life and helped to build my practice into a multi-6 figure business in less than 1 year.

-Jill Griffin (Career Coach)

“Hiring Elizabeth was one of the best decision I made for my business.”

When we started working together, I felt disempowered around creating money and signing clients.

I would look at other coaches making 5 figures a month and think they had sometime I didn’t. I was in hustle mode doing anything and everything I could to get clients, and confused why it wasn’t happening for me.

Our last month working together, I brought in $27,950 in cash, well exceeding my stretch goal.

I hired Elizabeth because I wanted to learn how to use my mind to create clients and money, and today I am thatperson.

I hired Elizabeth because I wanted help reaching goals.

I was hustling and I was doing it all. I was full of passion and love for the women I work with. But I was also worried. I knew it should be easier. I knew I was missing something.

In the last 4 months, I’ve had my highest month ever. I’ve created $35k in cash with $20k more scheduled out in payments. 

Working on my mind, WAS the solution. I’ve come to understand that my own thoughts are what was keeping me where I was.

I kept thinking it was hard to get the “right people” as clients. Turns out with Elizabeths help I have gained more of my ideal clients. AND I have added all of these clients without paid ads. My people were already on my list, but I needed to speak to them in the right way.

Elizabeth helped me believe in myself in a way I didn’t realize I was lacking. I can do this without ads, without a copywriter, without any outside strategy help. Once I shifted into the belief I could do all of this better than an outside EXPERT, my business took off.

I can relax now.
I don’t have to work every day of the week.
I know everything I need to to exceed my goals.

This was the missing piece. Thanks, Elizabeth.