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  • “I’m confused when you say, “____” in the Goal Process workbook on page 6. Can you give me an example?”
  • I’d like your insight on this. I’ve thought about it and would help with how else I can see this. (then details about the situation).
  • I’d like coaching. Here’s what I’m thinking, help me see what’s happening here.
  • I’m not even sure how you can help…but here’s what’s happening and here’s what I’d like to happen

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Answers To Your Questions

Daily Work link doesn't work


Hi there, nothing downloads when I click The Daily Work. I have downloaded this as your freebie before – is it the same?



The link is fixed now! I love that you have experience with the Daily Work already, that will help you. This version has the same components but is slightly different. 

Daily Work (solving it like a problem)


I’m somewhat confused with the daily work…

In the part “Solve it like a problem” you always start it with a version of “I’d solve for this as a thought first.” = what does that mean?

Should we actually solve it like a problem (as per the examples) or as a thought? And if it’s the thought, how does that work?



So the first way to solve for what your mind gives you is to treat it like it’s a thought (because it is). Of the 3 suggested ways to handle what your mind gives you, that is the first option. (let me know if that first example isn’t enough information for handling it like a thought and I’ll give you another resource) 

I can see why that would be confusing to hear. Our mind hears our own mind as a fact. So if you look at it as a thought first, even before you problem solve for it…it will allow you to get more insight from yourself.

“I have so much to do” is both a thought AND can be something you problem solve for with planning.

If you only see it as a problem to solve though you will miss out on the emotional relief of realizing that you are thinking an anxiety inducing thought when awareness might have offered you think, “I have 3 things to do today” and feel focused. Which allows you to do less (because you don’t need to do any planning)…and feel better doing it.

Feel free to submit some of your thoughts, decide which way you’d solve for them and see if I see anything else to add.

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