Unapologetic wealth.

That’s what I want.

It’s what I help other women create.

I’m not a stay at home mom coaching on the side.

I’m not a wife who happens to work. 

I’m not a coach who is happy she can help a few people.

I’m building a company…a space to help hundreds of thousands of coaches.

In year 1, it was a $6,000 company, today it’s a half a million dollar company and in the next 10 years it will be a $15 million dollar company. 

I’m driven. I’m obsessive. I love to win. 

My clients are just like me.

Hard workers, successful and passionate about bringing their vision for their coaching business to life.

Passionate about helping their people. 

Passionate about growing themselves.

Passionate about measuring that growth with goals and money.

But passion and hard work aren’t enough. 

In order to build a successful coaching business, I had to “do more” but it was a different kind of “more” than I was familiar with. 

I learned the slow way so you can do it faster. 

Come in, come in close and I’ll tell you what I learned… 


There is this thing that driven women don’t know…

Something you’re missing. 

It causes you to give too much and burn out.

It’s why success has felt so EASY in the past but now building your coaching business (that you LOVE) feels so much harder. 

I was missing it for a long time too. 

Hustle + __??__

Hustle alone isn’t enough. 

Hustle has to be paired WITH something else. Something nobody talks about.


I grew up believing that emotions were a sign of weakness, that they were unnecessary and annoying.

I would have kept on believing that too, except as I studied the brain I realized how powerful emotion is in understanding the patterns of human behavior. 

Just like there is a pattern to movies, webinars and speeches there is a pattern of the MIND. A pattern to human behavior. 

Emotions are the shortcut to decoding the mind. To using it FOR me instead of letting it happen on autopilot TO me. 

I remember something clicked and I thought, “emotions make me more money and the process less awful?? Sign me up”.  

But before that “click” was the roller coaster of emotions. 

High highs and low lows.

Yes I felt passionate, excited and committed to my business but I ALSO felt…

Obligated. (I have to do this, this is is just what you do)

Self-Pressure. (I have to figure this out)

Self-Judgment. (I should be further along, I shouldn’t still be stuck on this.)

Frustrated. (I must be missing something)

Worried. (I can’t keep investing like this without it working) 

Overwhelmed. (I must need to do MORE…but I’m exhausted and don’t want to) 

Doubt. (I don’t want to set a goal and fail again)

Harsh. (Get it together already!)

Self-Pity. (I’ve already done so much, it should be working) 

I felt like I was being jerked between feeling great, because things seemed to be finally working and feeling hopeless, because oh wait…they weren’t actually working.

All I ever really wanted in business and in life, was to feel in control. I loved working hard because I felt like I was in control and making progress.

Can you relate?

Learning how to use my mind and emotions and learning the pattern to human behavior…taught me how to be in control of ME. 

I already knew how to work hard. I had already been building the skill side of my business. I needed to understand the patterns of my mind so I could use them FOR me, instead of against me. 

I am a reformed hustler.

I do things differently now. 

I don’t fuel my hustle anymore with obligation, doubt and self-pressure. 

I choose the emotions on purpose. 

They are emotions like calm/present, love, acceptance, passion, focus and delight. 

I worked on myself first. I learned to accept me so that my business could just be a game I play for fun instead of the source of my worth and value. 

I’ve made a lot of money but I’ve done it with a very specific focus on growth. Money is fun, but growth paired with money is ever MORE fun.

I could outwork everyone and willpower through OR I could learn how to grow my business simply and calmly so I’d know how to be simple and calm when I hit the goal.

Brooke inspired me to think this way when she said…

“How you get there, is how you’ll know how to BE there”. 

–Brooke Castillo 

I was inspired watching my coaches make money, it showed me what was possible. It gave me a reference point to take my mind and believe for myself. It gave me permission to not be perfect and believe I could still be successful.

And now I get to be that inspiration to others with my story.

Like the time…

  • I decided to play a game with my mind and see if I could double my business doing nothing different except the mind stuff. From January to April I created $31,500 going from a $1,500 month to a $18,000 month in April. This was the first $31,500 of my first $120k year.
  • I went from a $6,000 year to a $120,000 year.
  • I doubled my business again the next year to $300,000 (2019).
  • I learned how to make $100,000 quicker and quicker. First in 10 months, then 5 months, then 2 months and now my record in 24 days. 

My name is Elizabeth Salazar.

I am my first and BEST client.

I believe that change starts on the inside and that the impact of that change ripples out in ways that could never have been known.

I believe that the mind is both the problem AND the solution.

What others are saying…

Martiza Parra recorded this

1:43 video for you…


“This work is an investment I will never regret!”

Prior to working with Elizabeth, I intellectually understood that my thoughts were the source of my feelings but am not sure I had ever truly fully felt more than a few emotions in my body, and never intentionally. 

It seems such a small skill but it has propelled me to an entire new place in my life and business.  

I have a completely different relationship with money, with my clients and with myself.