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An Unconventional Business School was created for coaches who like doing things a little differently.

I spent 2 years trying to build a business following all of the experts’ advice. I studied marketing and selling. I built a community, built a mailing list, created a low priced offer and made over a 100 calls with people to give value.

Each of those years, I made $6k.

What I did next (that worked and led to my next year making $120k) was unconventional. 

It went against mainstream advice to sell better, do more and to just find that missing thing. 

  • I made decisions and learned how to stick to them even when it wasn’t working yet. (Especially about my offer)
  • I stopped beating myself up and judging my progress as not good enough.
  • I separated my worthiness from my business results and worked on bringing the healthiest version of me to work on my business.
  • I watched my mind, questioned it and directed it on purpose so I would feel better AND serve my people
  • I stopped focusing on myself, so much, and refined how I served and helped my PEOPLE in a way that got their attention.
  • I slowed my urgency down and began learning from myself so I could make meaningful adjustments towards my goals. 

That is what I teach you in this program. 

You’ll set up (or review) your business structure for simplicity and areas you were making it harder on yourself by trying to follow other people’s “rules”. 

You’ll decide if you want to be specific OR vague-ish based on what fits your current capacity. 

Not sure about your niche? Be vague-ish. For example you might decide to be a general life coach who helps moms.

That’s both specific and not…all once. Vague-ish. 

Once the structure of your business is in place, you’ll do something VERY unconventional. 

You’ll allow for your doubt, fears and uncertainties around your offer and structure to come up.

THIS is where the work gets good.

I’ll teach you how to build confidence and certainty FROM those doubts and fears so that talking to people and inviting them to work with you becomes enjoyable and easy. 

This junk that comes up around your offer and structure is where most people try to cram it in the closet so they can go start creating a year’s worth of content. Then wonder why nobody is paying attention. 

Your junk around your offer will show up in a lack of desire to create content, your fear of actually having clients, people booking calls but always saying no and creating content that is more focused on what you want than what they want.

 I won’t be telling you what to do or how to run your business.

You are running your business. You’re the authority on it. You will decide your goals, your structure and how you want to experience yourself and your business.

I will teach you how to think of yourself that way.

I’ll teach you how to think about goals and the structure of your business in a way that feels waaaay less awful. (You’ll still feel awful sometimes, that’s growth for you).

I will coach YOUR mind. I’ll meet you where you are and help you adjust closer into the goal and business you want.

I will teach how to accept yourself and your journey by being the first one to do it for you. 

This is An Unconventional Business School for Coaches.

Some of you will come in and quickly get results that make others drool. 

Others will need more practice and will get to pair it with learning how to accept their journey for exactly what it is. 

You want to build a profitable coaching business while feeling emotions OTHER than doubt, pressure and urgency. 

You 100% can do that.

I’ve built this space to help you.

When you join you’ll immediately have access to…

  1. On demand video modules and worksheets…so you can be working and learning when it’s most convenient for you. 
  2. A community of coaches…a space for you to support and be supported by like minded coaches invested in building their businesses. 
  3. LIVE Coaching…once a week I coach live on zoom plus in the group between calls. Get help, ask questions and get your mind coached up. Coaching meets you where you are, gets to the root of the issue you’re bringing and helps you shift almost immediately. 

Price: $1,500 in full

Length: Lifetime access

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Questions?? Here You Go…

I'm brand new to coaching...is this program for me?

YES. This program is great for a new coach. I lay out the decisions you’ll need to make, give you so ideas of choices and then you decide what you want your business to look like. There are no “right” or “best” choices. Simply the ones that are easiest for you to actually do today. For example, my coaches method was to decide a very specific niche, build a funnel and run ads. That totally works. But it wasn’t for me. I spent a lot of time in the discomfort of believing there was a “best” way and this is a space for coaches who want to choose and then get started helping their favorite people. 

I am NOT new to coaching or business, is this space going to be basic?

Yes, this space is also for you. I am in my 5th profitable year as a multiple six figure coach and tools I teach in this program are for every level of growth. I will teach you how to develop your mind as an asset to creating bigger and bigger results. All while balancing out the negative emotions like self-pressure, self-judgement, urgency and doubt…opening up space to fuel your business with different emotions like certainty, love and aceptance. 

I think I need help with marketing/selling...do you help with that?

Sort of. Words like “marketing” or “selling” are broad terms for the actual issues happening in a business. What I’ll teach you how to do is to see the issue so you can solve it. So for example, if you aren’t creating content for your people…we’ll figure out why you aren’t and what needs adjusting so that it flows out of you. Often we label problems under the guise of “marketing” or “selling” when the problem is something. else completley like you’re dreading working with so many people. 

I really want to sign clients, how will you help me with this?

Signing clients is like wanting a fully built house that’s decorated and furnished. WANT it. It is the end goal. It’s the filter that you’ll grow towrads.

If you ONLY want that end goal though, you’ll be miserable the entire way and maybe give up before you even get it. 

The alternative…is to look at all the pieces that come together to GET to the end goal of a full client load (whatever number that is for you). Each of these pieces are your progress. They’re where you’ll get your hit of “winning” that will keep you going, even when you don’t see the results you want yet. (which is always PART of the process)

This process is setup to make the parts of your business simple and to give you an effective way to learn from yourself as you go so you are always shifting INTO the goal you want. (never getting further away)

Everyone’s business and way they build their business is different. You are the driver of your business and I help you access the answers YOU need about YOUR business instead of comparing yourself to others or trying to make their stuff work in your business. 

Do you have a more advanced way to work with you?

Yep. You’ll still need to join An Unconventional Business School though. In my small group coaching environment we focus on building your business and your mind using the tools I teach in this program. The advanced work doesn’t introduce new content it is a space for you to use it at a higher level. 

I'm scared I won't be able to build the business I want...

I know. That fear is totally normal. And staying in the company of that fear will make everything you do feel harder. The past isn’t an indication of the future and your future can be created. I’ll teach you how to believe, without any proof in what you’re creating in the future so you can use that desire to show up to your business today instead of your fear. Believing in what doesn’t exist yet is a built skill.

I'm not certified, is that a problem?

Nope. You clearly believe you have a skillset that can help people…that’s what matters. When we coach, we bring our skillsets & tools to that relationship. Not all skillsets and tools are taught in certification and that’s okay. I am a trained coach but I waited to get officially trained until after I’d made six figures in my business. I knew I could help people exactly as I was and so I did. Then the next year, I wanted to work on my coaching so I did. There is no “right” way. 

I know I already have everything I need...but it's still not working. I'm frustrated.

There are layers of what we need to build a business. You may be great at coaching, hosting webinars, setting up the tech and creating content but that is just one layer.

The other layer is the YOU part. How you talk to yourself when you aren’t getting the results you want. How you think about yourself. How you think about your future. How you FEEL (annoyed, stressed, urgent, self-judgement) and how you aren’t feeling (proud, accomplished, love, present, calm, delight). 

When you are in a good place with you…it influences your ability to focus on the people you help and THEIR problems and desires. Which makes your content more interesting and valuable to them.

I've already bought so many things...

So what?! It sounds like you haven’t learned how to see how you got what you needed from each thing you bought. Sometimes what we get from buying something is realizing that we don’t want that. Other times we get a tool that we use when we need it. Decide what you want from this program and buy it for that.

You might only want weekly business coaching and $1500 1x is worth it. You might want access to my mind and $1500 1x is worth it. You might want help setting up the structure of your business and offer and getting coached on that and $1500 1x is worth it. You might want me to train you on using mindset to create results and $1500 1x is worth it. 

Elizabeth, what do you value when it comes to building a business?

I value the power of the human to be used to create ANY future we want.

I value accepting ourself, our journey and our clients journey as a delightful alternative to judging it all the time.

I value coaching and the impact that happens immediatly and long term with it. 

I value simplicity. In our minds and businesses. 

I value the authority of each person in their business and the opporutnity I have to be a mentor, coach and tool for them to use to create their future.

I value feelings. Creating them, being aware of them, using them as a guide and loving that they path the way to creating money.

I value designing a business that serves BOTH my preferences and what my people need to get the results they want. 

I really want the coaching, when are the calls?

Currently they’re Wednesdays at 12pm EST. So far I like choosing 1 time and repeating it. In the future, we may play with additional call times and varying times for different time zones. Even if you aren’t getting coached directly though, you will get what you need from hearing others coaching. Because it turns out, everyone has basically the same problems. It’s so relieving. You can also bring your coaching to the group and post any time of day. 

I want this AND I feel like I already have so much stuff/content/coaching...

Focusing on everything you have is like trying to carry around all of your clothes. Put them down.

Everything you’ve bought to help you with your business is a tool. You use those tools to create the results you want. Let’s set all of those tools down for a minute so you can look at them objectively. Notice the relief. That probably feels better already.

Sometimes we buy a tool and realize we don’t want to do that method. (I did this with webinars) in that case…you have that tool available for the future if you ever chose to pick it up again.

Sometimes we buy a tool and only want very specific parts of it. 

Sometimes we buy a tool, use it to the fullest and reference it as needed.

This program is a tool and full of tools. Decide why you want to buy it and why it’s worth $1500. 

  • Being a space of coaches whove paid money and are actively building their business might be it for you if you don’t have that. 
  • Learning tangible mindset tools to create results with in your business might be it for you if you don’t have that. 
  • Following one method and using the space to master it might be it for you if you don’t have that. 
  • Being coached by someone who is where you want to be (instead of a peer) might be it for you if you don’t have that. 
  • Learning to enjoy the process of building your business (as a feeling state) might be it for you if you don’t have that. 
I'm a business coach, am I welcome here? (or will this be akward for me)

You are welcome here. Business coaches need coaching too. 

My approach will help you own your expertise/uniqueness, stop comparing yourself to others (even me) and speak to the people who want what YOU sell.

This is a safe space for you to be a student and grow. 

**I do not recommend choosing business coaching because you think it’s the only way to make money as a coach. If that’s you…bring it to get coached on and we’ll find what you love. 


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