Are you ready for business to be simple & doable? 


Making money online as a coach…while feeling grounded is easier than you’ve been making it.  


You know the pieces, now let’s link them together.

No more wondering what you’re missing.



Nothing was ever missing, there was a disconnect in how the pieces link together.

The pieces are all there. 

The key telling you how to link each piece to create money and clients…was lost, hard to understand or maybe blurry.

It’s not anymore though. 

Business can feel simple, doable and even playful. 

But only if you set it up to run that way. 

It’s Not Enough To Be A Great Coach


You are already a skilled coach…you need more than that to build a profitable and simple business that you enjoy.

You’ve suspected this already though… 

That’s why you bought courses on using webinars, list building, Instagram, running ads and making videos. 

Those pieces on their own without a strategy and an offer you love…become busy work that keep you feeling productive but oddly never changing how much money you create. 

You are already a skilled coached. 

You even have experience and preferences on the parts of a business you like…

Now it’s time to pull it all together. 

So when you set a financial goal for the year you actually hit it.

So when you decide what you’re going to do today towards that goal…it doesn’t feel like an exhausting hamster wheel of what to try next and instead is calculated and curious. 

Business finally feels simple, doable and game-like. 

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$1,500 USD

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I’ve created over a million dollars selling coaching online in the last few years. 


I did it the easy way, I did it the hard way and I struggled to do it the suggested way.


From experience, I will teach you…

  1.  The 3 areas to focus to create money 
  2.  How to choose the strategic parts of your business and know if they’re working
  3.  How to develop a mind that gets stuff done, accepts the normal lows of business and and stays focused on the end goal 


This process isn’t the quickest path to creating money. 


It’s not the microwave meal of business. 


It’s for coaches committed to building a business that helps people and makes increasingly more money year after year. 


  • No more confusion on the most effective use of your time 
  • No more limiting your growth believing business has to look a “certain way”
  • No more wearing yourself out searching for what more you can do
  • No more creating content with no clue on if it’s effective
  • No more wondering why people aren’t booking consults feeling powerless
  • No more discomfort with your price, fearing what you deliver might not be worth it 
  • No more comparing yourself to others silenting thinking maybe people should hire them instead
  • No more $0 months or $15,000 months that feel out of your control
  • No more doing it alone without expert guidance 


When you use the process taught inside of An Unconventional Business School… 


You know what to do.

You love what you do.

It’s simple and effective. 

Your future clients just want help. 


From someone that accepts them, believes they can do it and can confidently guide them to their goal. 


You are that person.


This program helps you deliver on that promise to them. 


So they…

  • Read your content and feel like you’re talking to them 
  • Believe new things they’d never considered…because you believed it first 
  • Get the results they want, following the process you guide them through 

The Details

When you join you get immediate access to the portal of content and support.

Get started at 3am your time, run into a question, submit your request and get an answer helping you along.

Get business feedback and mindset coaching on weekly calls. Either from your own question or listening to others who are at the same stage of growth as you.

Take the fast track, getting everything in place in 26 hours or at your own speed. 

What’s Inside To Help You:

Module 1: Setting Up Your Business

The Basics:

  • Big Picture Overview 
  • Essentials: Prioritizing Your Focus
  • Business Setup Timeline 
  • Guide on Business Tech & Equipment 
  • Guide on 62 Business Terms & What They Actually Mean

Build Your Offer:

  • How To Use: Video & Worksheet 
  • Your Who: Video & In Depth Workbook 
  • Result You Sell Video & In Depth Workbook
  • Market Research: Video & In Depth Workbook
  • Your Process: Video & In Depth Workbook
  • Length & Offer Video
  • Choosing A Call Type Video 
  • Pricing Your Offer Video 
  • Backend Setup of Delivering Your Offer In Depth Workbook
  • Pricing, Value & Money Mindset In Depth Workbook
  • Replays: Examples of common questions and coaching while building offer (segmented by question for quick reference) 

Build Your Funnel:

  • Overview: Seeing Funnels For What They Are
  • Build Your Freebie: In Depth Workbook
  • Planning & Writing Automated Funnel Emails: In Depth Workbook
  • Everything Landing Pages: In Depth Workbook
  • Tech Of Funnel: In Depth Workbook

Business Pieces:

  • Running Your Business Day-To-Day (printable)
Module 2: Running Your Business

The Business of Your Business

  • Zoomed Out: Running Your Business Day To Do Video
  • Creating Routine 
  • Creating Your Future & Goals
  • Changing You, Not Your Decisions
  • Why It Feels Hard To Hold Decisions 
  • Business Progression Checklist
  • Your Role In Your Clients Results 
  • Money Management Workbook + Tracking Spreadsheet
  • 5 Year Planning Workbook
  • Weekly Planning Printable 
  • Habit Tracking Printable 
  • Brain Directing Audios for Presence & Focus

Selling Coaching

  • Marketing: Audience Building
  • Marketing: Creating Content 
  • Using Feelings To Sell 
  • Brainwashing (Yourself) As A Selling Practice 
  • Running A Consult: In Depth Workbook
  • The Marketing Book (a 46 page guide)  

Problem Solving 

  • Adjusting Your Funnel 
  • Adjusting Your Marketing
  • Either / Or Problem Solving 
  • Learning From Your Data
  • Client Mapping
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Evaluation Guides
Module 3: Coaching Yourself
  • 2 Types of Self-Coaching
  • Your Mind As An Asset
  • Developing Your Mind As An Asset
  • Using Mindset Daily 
  • In Depth Training Teaching A Practice Mindset Tool (the model)
  • Script for Navigating Thoughts
  • List of Emotions Printable 
  • The Daily Work 2.0 In Depth Training  
Plus Support
  • Weekly Live Coaching + Replays 
  • Ask A Coach – For help between Live Coaching calls, use this submission form

When You Join…


  • We work together for as long as you need (lifetime access)
  • Making money becomes way less complicated 
  • You build the business you want to have (marketing, selling, delivery) 
  • You learn to make exponentially more money with your mind instead of by doing more or outsourcing
  • You get a step-by-step process to follow that accounts for your preferences at every step of setup 
  • Together we build something that serves your client-type and changes their life forever


When You’re Done Though…


  • You’ll feel confident marketing and growing your audience
  • You’ll attract the best people who want to pay
  • Business will feel simple, doing just 3 things to run it
  • You’ll feel calm and have techniques to manage your mind and feelings


You’ll be coaching clients every week, in awe of the business you’ve created for yourself.

You’ll get off calls where your client share their wins and feel how significance your work is for others.

You Might Be Wondering…

How long will it take me do this program?

You have lifetime access to content so there is no rush. For those who want to get it done quickly there is a guide inside for getting your entire business setup in 26 hours so you’re ready to only focus on running your business…which will never end.

Who is this program for?

Coaches; life coaches, health coaches, performance coaches, spiritual coaches, business coaches…all coaches.

The coach that wants guidance on what to do in business, specific structure and mindset. Either to get started or for more strategic growth.

The coach that’s been doing it all and knows a ton…but is mentally exhausted and kind of annoyed that their income doesn’t match how much work they put in.

I buy things but struggle to do them, will this help me?

YES. Coaches struggle to use what they buy because of some uncertainty or confusion about their business or offer. We’re going to work through all of it and you’ll learn techniques for keeping yourself moving so you don’t stay stuck for weeks or months at a time. 

The very first thing I bought when starting my business was a course on doing webinars. I had no offer, no ideal client and no clue what I needed in place to do a webinar. I struggled to use the content and blamed myself when really…my business wasn’t ready for that selling method yet.

Lifetime Membership Fee: $1,500 USD

By clicking PayPal button, you agree to our
Terms and Conditions.

What Other Coaches Are Saying…

I have been trying to clearly define my process for two YEARS. It’s been a major roadblock to speaking confidently about what I do. 

You were able to help me in just a few minutes.

I loved making decisions and getting clear on all of the different parts of my offer, but finally getting my process squared away means so much to me.


I was in a consistent state of confusion about who I help and the result I offer. I was afraid to get so specific that I’d feel bored and afraid to be so general that my message would be all over the place.

Now, I feel so clear and confident about who I work with and the results I can help them with.

I’m feeling excited to start marketing and selling my offer again. I am sold on my own coaching again!


I’ve been struggling to choose a niche for a year, all to realize it’s not the choosing that was an issue, it was the not knowing “then what? and then what?”.

You made it simple, boiling it down to the the pieces needed and how they fit together, which cut away the overwhelm. 

I loved that you gave us permission to agree or disagree and gave a variety of options to choose from for setting up my business. 

It was so good to learn from a coach that is, say 3 steps ahead of me, rather than 10 steps ahead. It made the learning, content and process that much more relatable and achievable.


I came in with what I thought was a pretty clear “who” and “result”, but you helped me really refine both parts and add more specific language.

I love how easy you made the content, it was simple to implement.

I feel very confident about my offer and ability to serve my clients in a deeper way.


I love your approach that we’ve just made it complicated and to ask what feels simple.

I was pleasantly surprised the other coaches were like me and not super new to this. I wasn’t going to buy anymore courses, but I’m glad I bought this one. 


It’s insane the amount of good stuff in this program…it’s a $100k worth of value. The ‘marketing book’ alone is like…a 50 page document. DAMN