Doubling your business can be FUN. 

​​I did it 4x in my first $100k year just for the fun of seeing what was possible. ($1,500 to $3,500 to $9,300 to $15,000, followed by $18,000) 

You can double a month, you can double your number of clients or you can double a quarter…you decide. 

You start where you are. 

​​I help you make it simple and show you how to remove the pressure​​ and the urgency so you can do it feeling calm, confident, like a powerful creator and with a lightness that only comes when you enjoy something. 

You’re in charge of how fast you double and how many times you do it over the 6 months…and every time you double, we talk about what you want to do next, double again or firm up an area of your business…you pick. 

You control the pace and together we make sure it’s not just a business that doubles but one that you enjoy the experience of.

I teach you how to use your mind to double your business instead of effort and time.

So your business potential is never limited by time, effort or your desire for a life. 

What you can expect when you join…

  1. We start the week of June 7th and end the week of November 15th.
  2. There are 24 calls of weekly zoom coaching.  
  3. There are 30 coaches in this mastermind. 
  4.  We kick the 6 months off with a 2-day virtual coaching event where we’ll go through each members business and mind to prepare both for doubling.  
  5.  In August, we’ll do a 90 day self-evaluation plus 2-days of in person coaching at my house. 
  6.  When you double, we’ll talk about doubling again. Each month we’ll workshop. Everyone can attend and learn as I work with each coach whose finished a double cycle.
  7. This class only, you get life time access to my foundational offer The First Five.  This programs content is a resource as you fill gaps between where you are and where you want to be with a doubled business. This is your pre-work.  
  8. In addition to weekly coaching and monthly workshop-ing on double cycles, you’ll have a private Facebook community to celebrate, document, support and ask for help from myself and your peers between calls.

Investment: $10,000

2 pay options. $10k in full or 2 payments of $5k. 

Who is this program for?


Coaches who want to double their business and have SO much fun doing it. 

Coaches who’ve created at least $10k in their business and less than $50k. 

You can stop struggling.

You can stop feeling like you’re waiting on other people or time.

I’ll show you how to use your brain space to create your future, help your favorite humans and push the limits of possibility.  

We start with doubling.  

Click here to apply:

You’ll be directed to a Typeform application with 14 questions.

There is a $1,000 refundable deposit to submit your application on this form. That $1,000 will either be applied to the cost of the mastermind or will be refunded in full.

Each application will be reviewed within 3 business days.

I look forward to meeting each of you through your application.  

Before I joined Elizabeth’s mastermind I was really afraid of two things:
1. Maybe this will be a waste of my money
2. Maybe there’s something wrong with me – no mastermind can fix me.

But THANK GOD I didn’t listen to that little voice in the back of my head.

Because – to date, I’ve doubled my investment cash-wise. And the mastermind isn’t even over yet!

Here’s how it happened: Elizabeth’s coaching is so loving, calm, and spot on that I would get coached by her, and then literally go sign clients and make money that very same day.

But, the cash in the bank isn’t even the best part. I feel like I’ve 10’x’ed my investment because Elizabeth has taught me how to have the inner confidence and strength that it takes to fail and keep going no matter what. She’s taught me how to love and accept myself, and ENJOY the process of building my business with a calm, and loving mindset. She’s shown me how to study myself, so that I know exactly how to sign clients, and make money.

And trust me. I was not born this way. I used to literally not sleep because of all of the anxiety and stress I was creating in my business. When my ads account got shut down, or 10 clients in a row said no, I used to be in a puddle of despair and in bed with Netflix. But in Elizabeth’s mastermind, I learned how to reset, and find calmness, and belief no matter my current obstacle. In the 2nd month of our mastermind, I literally had over 20 people in a row say no to me, and then went on to sign 3 clients in one week.

And now that I deeply know my own process for creating clients and making money, I know I can keep repeating and refining it, over and over again, until I reach my goals. This confidence and certainty is priceless. And, to top it all off, what makes my current and future business so absolutely delightful is that I know how to do it all with love and ease.

So, Elizabeth’s mastermind changed not just my business but my entire life. I don’t freak out about my facebook ads anymore. I don’t take the no’s personally. I am calmer and more loving towards my family. I regularly get 7-8 hours a night of deep, restorative sleep. I am signing clients and making my money. My clients are experiencing profound changes in their lives thanks to the changes I’ve made in me. This is just the beginning.

Kristin Lindell

Step-Mom Coach