Doubling your business can be FUN. 

​​I did it 4x in my first $100k year just for the fun of seeing what was possible. 

You can double a month, you can double your number of clients or you can double a quarter…you decide. 

​​I help you make it simple and show you how to remove the pressure​​ and the urgency so you can do it feeling calm, confident and a lightness that only comes when you enjoy something. 

You’re in charge of how fast you double and how many times you do it over the 6 months…and every time you double, we talk about doubling again. 

You control the pace and together we make sure it’s not just a business that doubles but one that you enjoy the experience of.

I teach you how to use your mind to double your business instead of effort and time. So you’re never limited because you want a business and a life. 

Investment: one-payment of $10,000

The next round of the Double Your Business Mastermind starts June 7th. 

Applications open the last week of April. 

This is a small group of 30 coaches who’ve created at least $10,000 in their business and want to begin doubling.