Build Your Coaching Business podcast

with Elizabeth Salazar

Build Your Coaching Business Podcast

with Elizabeth Salazar

Mindset is a skill of mental discipline.

It’s not enough to be a great coach with a great program.

It’s not enough to work the most hours.

It’s not even enough to have solid systems and marketing processes in place.


A consistent business requires a consistent MIND.

You have the FIRE.

You have the framework to grow your business.

On this podcast, you learn the ACTION of mindset. How to decode the patterns of your mind, how to understand your results apart from the drama and how to use your mind to create the business and experience you want. 

If you’re doing all the “right” things…but you’re still not creating the money you want…

If you find yourself spinning in confusion, doubt and overwhelm and unable to even bring your ideas to life…

If you know that your biggest obstacle is YOU…and you want to systematically break those barriers and create your dream business…

This podcast is for you.

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