Let’s Build Your Coaching Business

The First 5 is a program for coaches who want to build a business.

It’s possible to sign clients here and there because you have a strong network or a strong drive to work.

But the downside of those two pieces by themselves is that they don’t build a profitable and repeatable business.

To build a coaching business, you need:

    1. A simple offer & foundation that you choose and don’t change (so you can build focused skill and authority)
    2. To be clear how you create clients and how you don’t (so it never feels like a “fluke”)
    3. A self-support plan that fuels you serving your people (so the normal parts of building a business like doubt, desire for validation and money scarcity don’t accidently have you focused on yourself)  
    4. To feel like you’re winning (quick wins AND strategic progress towards your goals)

That’s what we do in this program.

Your first 5 clients are where you build the habits and skills of signing clients in a way that builds a profitable business.

It’s the space you will…

      • make decisions feeling like information is missing 
      • create a winning strategy without knowing for sure the strategy wins…but trusting that YOU keep adjusting into the win 
      • use mindset tools to serve your people 
      • let marketing and helping come from LOVE and desire to help
      • develop skills in specific areas
      • create momentum learning from the data (instead of general learning

I help you with this process in 3 ways…

  1. On demand video modules and worksheets…so you can be working and learning when it’s most convenient for you. 
  2. A community of coaches…a space for you to support and be supported by like minded coaches invested in building their businesses. 
  3. LIVE Coaching…once a week I coach live on zoom plus in the group between calls. Get help, ask questions and get your mind coached up. Coaching meets you where you are, gets to the root of the issue you’re bringing and helps you shift almost immediately. 

Price: $1,500 in full

Length: Lifetime access

The First 5

$1,500 USD

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